A Track For Dark Mofo

We took a trip down to Hobart the weekend before last for Mona's Dark Mofo winter festival. I’d attend it (and its sister summer version) every year if I could.

I like the Museum of Old and New Art because it doesn’t need to be read as a catalogue of art objects. It’s accessible because it can be enjoyed just as a day out inside a dark bunker filled with interesting things. When I walked around MOMA I was aware of the neutrality of the space. White walls and white lights to minimise distraction and funnel your attention to the main attractions. But if you’re someone who struggles for a connection to the work itself you might have nowhere to go. Mona offers an alternative way to engage. It can still be fun just to catch a ferry and burrow down into the cliff, spend an afternoon bewildered.  

The (Dark) Mofo festival is the same kind of thing. It’s not about a 'killer line-up' (although if you’re a fan of a band performing then it’s a great way to see them) but about how each of the acts can be integrated (pretty seamlessly, usually). It invites you to see it as a single thing and love it overall.

This time around, most of my time was spent at the festival’s Dark Faux Mo afterparty, run by Supple Fox. I’m biased because they’re my friends, but they have a lot to do with what’s great about Mofo. So I was excited when they asked me to knock up a 10-minute piece of music for a light show in which cat statues shoot laser beams out of their eyes at a mirror ball. I decided to make it mostly out of samples for something different. It's embedded above.