New Song, New Album

Friends, I’m so happy to play you 'Burning Arrow', a song from the new Clue to Kalo album The Motives Records, out September 23rd.

The album was recorded at Electric Dreams here in Melbourne with the assistance and advice of my buddies and colleagues. Particular thanks go to Cornel Wilczek who co-produced the record, Jojo Petrina whose miracle vox needed to be mixed way down lest they outshine my own, and James Cecil who unwittingly played some percussion (I stole some of his multitracks from the studio computer).

The album will be digital-only at this point. I’d love to look at other formats in the future but right now it makes the most sense to me to do things this way. It allows me to publish more often in whatever configurations I can think of, to transition from releasing a record once in awhile to outputting a steadier stream of experiments, succinct or extended, that can theoretically be heard the day they’re made. For me, it means control and self-sufficiency, and I’m excited about what’s next.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be making more songs from The Motives Records available for download in the lead-up to a launch party on Saturday the 20th September at Captains of Industry. If you're interested you can even pre-order the album here. I can’t wait for you to hear it.